‘’We fell in love with the lemon scented paved paths, the beauty of their traditions and the hardworking people of this village...’’


From the very first moment we envisioned the future of Unleash, the very first dream of what it could become, we always pictured ourselves being involved in every step of the process. From figuring out how to turn our ideas into actual objects, to learning the leather trade jargon and dealing with every aspect of starting a company, we really took it all in. Truthfully, it wasn’t easy, but today, we couldn’t be more grateful for the ups and downs that came along these winging roads…

The idea of craftsmanship and tradition were always essential to us, and we made it a point to find the most detail oriented, leather loving, hard working people out there. This search is how we ended up driving 7 hours through farmlands and majestic mountains, lost in the land of Spaniards. We left fully equipped, but really, nothing could have prepared us for what was ahead.

Picture this: an elevated valley surrounded by olive colored mountains, hundreds of swallows circling the clouds, perfumed air, and a mingled breeze of jasmine flowers and lemon tree fragrance. This small white walled Andalucían village is where we met our manufacturers. Lucky us, the search was finally over. We spent the next few days visiting their workshops, in all honesty and transparency, we talked about our ideas, our future and our past. We got to experience firsthand their impressive know-how and artistry. Using tools passed along to them by their fathers, they were generous in showing our curious minds how they work. It started out as a business transaction but quickly became so much more, and in no time we were having dinner with their families. The youngest son coming in and out to grab a bite between soccer goals, the girls telling us about their dream of visiting New York. That night, in the Plaza del Pueblo, just like that, we became friends. 

This is how we want to work, who we want to work with. We left the corporate world to do exactly this; get stung by Spanish honey bees, share tapas with new friends, pick oranges out of trees in between meetings and have no regrets.